Hi, ​I'm Kenyetta and I am so happy you're here. I am a Labor Doula, Midwife Assistant, Placenta Encapsulation Specialist & Childbirth Educator. I service the Charlotte, NC area and all surrounding cities within a 2 hour drive! I am also a traveling doula when needed. I understand that pregnancy comes with many different emotions; excitement, fear, happiness, joy, nervousness, etc. I am here to help you and your partner navigate those feelings, organize your thoughts, prepare for the birth you and your partner have been dreaming of, and more. I always say "Your partner knows you intimately and provides love and reassurance, while I know birth intimately and provide education and information. Together, we make a great team in supporting you.. 

To schedule a consultation, please contact me via social media or email kenyettag@hotmail.com


a little bit about

Kenyetta is a CAPPA certified labor doula, a certified placenta encapsulationist, and trained Stillbirthday doula.



She believes every mom-to-be deserves to have a beautiful experience

heart of gold


Her goal is to be able to support you throughout your journey and be the support you need, even if that means being your DJ!



Bachelor's in Child and Family Studies with a minor in Psychology; Masters in Psychology with a Specialization in Child and Adolescent Development.



"Great experience with this fierce woman!! My hubby and I debated on getting a doula this pregnancy and I’m glad we did. I wish we had one for our first! Her techniques during labor helped tremendously and my hubby was sooo grateful. Although we ended up with an emergency c section, I still wouldn’t trade our experience with Kenyetta. Very down to earth and always available!"

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